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iCloud Activation Lock

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Remove the previous owners iCloud account from your device


To obtain your 15 digit IMEI number or Serial Number, dial *#06# on your phone or go to Settings


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03 Steps

Submit your IMEI
With our direct connection to all the manufacturer databases, we instantly detect your phone model and network using just your IMEI number.
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We delete the current iCloud account
We remove your device from the previous owner's iCloud account, this means the device will no longer be Activation Locked.
Set up your own iCloud account
We'll send you an email to inform you the iCloud account has been removed. Simply turn your device off and then on again, and you'll be prompted to setup your own Apple ID.

What is iCloud Activation Lock?

The iCloud Activation Lock is a security feature that safeguards your information against theft by allowing you to remotely wipe or lock your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or Mac from the iCloud website.
Although it provides great protection for Apple device owners, it can have unintended consequences for those who purchase pre-owned handsets. When a device is wiped, the iCloud account often remains on the handset, preventing access to the homescreen.
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Frequently asked questions

Your iOS device may be activation locked due to various reasons. Commonly, it's because the previous owner didn't remove their iCloud account, leading to a locked device. This issue is prevalent with purchases from platforms like eBay or Marketplace. Another reason could be that the device was reported lost, preventing the removal of the iCloud account without full access. Lastly, long periods of inactivity or accidental activation of 'Find My iPhone' can also trigger the lock.

The legality of iCloud unlocking depends on ownership. If you legally own the device and it's not reported stolen or lost, unlocking is permissible. This includes pre-owned iPhones or refurbished devices sold by carriers and Apple. If you need assistance with unlocking, our customer service team is ready to help.

Using our remote service, we can remove the device from the previous owner’s iCloud account thanks to our direct connection with the manufacturer. Your AppleCare warranty is not voided, and you can use the device as normal and then add your own iCloud account to the device. This service takes between 1 and 3 days.

Absolutely, post-process, your device will be as good as new with all previous data erased. This ensures that your device recognizes only the current Apple ID, enabling seamless future use.

Regrettably, the activation lock removal process does erase all previous data. Upon completion, you'll need to set up your phone anew, and any information linked to the old Apple ID will be inaccessible. We advise maintaining regular cloud backups to safeguard your data.

Absolutely, our service is available 24/7. It's entirely online, allowing you to unlock iCloud directly via our website without needing to contact anyone. The platform is user-friendly: simply fill out the form, activate your account, and follow the instructions sent to your email or provided in your browser.

We can unlock all phones, all networks!

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